a highly customisable rhythm game for Oculus Quest and PC

What sets the game apart from other rhythm/fitness games are the features to spur user content creation:
– create patterns for any song
– create songs, using the included DJ sampler (//TODO)
– create scenes/themes, changing the overall look of the game
– create simple/boxy 3D models (for themes and alternative game modes)

– all content in /boxmaniaResources folder (including 3D models, scene config files, pattern text files)

(check the template in downloads section, and /boxmaniaResources folder)
– create simple/boxy 3D models (for themes and alternative game modes)

PC Controls

You can use numers 1 to 8 to trigger hitboxes. Can also use QWERHJKL

Right mouse drag to look around, left click to select item at center of view.

In pattern record mode, your hits are stored in a text file, noting the timestamp of the song.

You can edit that text file (named [SONG][NUM_LANES][CUSTOM|REC|AUTO|ONLINE].ptn) with any text editor (or build one that plays the song 😉 ), then share with Quest players! (kinda cross-platform?)

On Oculus Quest, you can also drag the hitboxes (tweak your exercise experience: crouch, jump, turn back, long sides, etc.). The hitbox must be Punched/Slashed/Drummed (depending on selected Beater) at the right time to get a good score!

This is a (slow) work in progress. Free, at least for the time being…

Thanks for your support!


testing youtube feature, you’ll be able to choose yt songs, make your charts and share with others.